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Margaret Beals is best known for her improvisational art form in both dance and theater and has been a prominent and influential solo performer since the 1960’s. Born in Boston, she trained in New York with such luminaries as Martha Graham, Jose Limon and Maggie Black. Recognizing that “the power of the present moment” in dance was what intrigued her most, Ms. Beals became a pioneer in dance improvisation. She is recognized for successfully combining movement with voice, poetry and text, to create a unique and individual art form. She is also an accomplished choreographer and writer.


Ms. Beals is the founder and Artistic Director of Impulses Dance Theatre Arts organization. At The CloudHouse Theatre in New York, she directs The Improv Group and she teaches and coaches other artists.

Most recently, she is the executive producer and co-director of her new, award winning film, Dancing Without Steps: The Art of Improvisation with Margaret Beals. More information can be found at

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