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With Rod Alexander and Bambi Linn: Dance Jubilee, USA Columbia Artists Tour, 1958.

With Dance Advance, American Dance Festival Student Company, 1963-1964.

With Jean Erdman’s The Coach with the Six Insides, adapted from Finnegan’s Wake (lead role of Anna Livia Plurabelle). Tour of American colleges, 1967.

With Jean Erdman Theater of Dance, tour of American colleges sponsored by Arts Program,
Association of American Colleges, New York City, 1968.

With Paul Sanasardo Dance Company, 1968.

Solo Concert tour of American colleges, 1970.

With Lucas Hoving Company, 1971-1973.

Solo Concert tour of Europe, with Judith Pearce, 1975:
London, England:
The Place, April 1-5.

British Midlands tour:
Cardiff, Chapter Arts Centre, Oct. 12.
CCAT Drama Group, Cambridge, Oct. 17.
Hilderstone Broadstairs, Oct. 18.
London, Round House Downstairs Theatre Club, Oct. 26.

France: Festival International de la danse de Paris, with Gwendolyn Watson and Angel Vanier,
Nov. 17-22.

Netherlands: Het Theatre Festival, The Hague, Nov. 24-30.

The Other. Tour of England for British Arts Council, 1977.

Europe, 1983:
Festival of Modern Dance, Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 5-6.
The Place, London, England, March 15.

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